Senior Profile: Luisa LaMagra

May 18th, 2022 § 0

Luisa LaMagra is graduating next month with triple majors in honors, political science, and English with a creative-writing concentration. In looking back on her time spent in English, Lu says that “Every English professor has had their own unique impact on me—I really appreciated the ability to learn and discuss with such diverse opinions and outlooks. I’ve always liked reading, but the way I was engaging the texts in my English classes took it to another level.

“The best thing about the English Department and being an English major is how accepting everyone is,” says Lu. “I have never felt left out when discussing in classes and I’ve always felt that my opinions were listened to—like really listened to and considered by every professor and peer.”

Her view seems summarized by this statement: “There’s really something for everyone in the English Department.”

After graduation, Lu plans to attend law school but only after a gap year during which she plans to use her college-earned skills to satisfy herself. “I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot reading, but one thing I want to try to focus on is writing outside of the university setting. Then again, I’ve learned that life is very unpredictable, so I’m trying to be flexible in my plans.”

Congratulations and best wishes, Lu!

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