Alumna Profile: Shelby Stuart

March 2nd, 2022 § 0

SPU alum and writer Shelby Stuart was in Seattle recently. She was a long way from where she’s been living since finishing her English major at SPU.

“I graduated from SPU in 2010 and spent the next four years trying to find ways to live in Switzerland,” Shelby said when contacted. “I finally moved there in 2014, making a life in Europe between temporary jobs, visas and artist residencies which allowed me to continue to focus on my writing before finally making my home in Basel.”

After a few years, Shelby felt the need for more schooling. “In 2017, I began a master`s program in Transdisciplinary Studies at an art school in Zurich,” she explained. “The program gave me a chance to explore writing in an artistic context and to build from the foundation I had received during my undergrad.”

About that undergrad experience Shelby said, “I am grateful for the literary training and mentorship I received at SPU, which served as helpful tools in both grounding and expanding my practice.” And we are grateful you began your writing career with us, Shelby!

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