Senior Profile: Helen Martin

October 28th, 2021 § 0

Helen Martin, senior literature major, is graduating early this year. The Alaska native used summer-session courses to accelerate her pace through an undergraduate degree.

When asked to reflect on her time in the English major, Helen had much to say.

“I became an English major because I wanted to do something I loved in college,” she said. “I wanted to stay up late reading books, improve my writing abilities, and talk about literary analysis with my peers. I’ve always felt that anyone who is passionate about literature is passionate about life, and those are the kind of people I have always felt inspired by and wanted to be around.

“The greatest takeaway I’ve had from the major,” Helen added, “is just how complex it is! I think a lot of people outside the major perceive the study of English as a lot of essay writing (fair enough), but I’ve learned more about current issues, philosophical questions, and spirituality through the texts I’ve read than anywhere else.”

Her future plans? “Eventually, I want to teach English literature at the secondary level, but I would like to explore other opportunities with my degree first. I’m looking into speech and grant writing specifically, and, at some point, I would love to get my master’s degree abroad.”

Blessings and good luck, Helen!

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