Senior Profile: Eryn Tan

May 27th, 2021 § 0

Eryn Tan is graduating next month with a degree in English literature.

“I majored in English because, when I was first exposed to literature, I was struck by the intensity and the range of emotions it was able to draw out from its readers,” writes Eryn. “And when I studied the historical contexts of certain pieces of literature, I was also impressed by how literature was not only a vehicle for social commentary but also for social change.”

Eryn continues: “While majoring in English literature at SPU, I learned how my study of literature can supplement my religious faith. I was exposed to several works of literature that, to me, highlighted the beauty, strength, and resilience of God’s creations.” Her literary study at SPU also made Eryn more aware of those in the minority in a given culture and helped her gain empathy with them.

As for her professors, Eryn explains that “[t]hrough their concern, their openness, and their feedback, I think my creativity was encouraged to flourish, and my tendency to aim for perfection was realistically checked.

“Going forward, I plan to work a few years in Malaysia doing editing work and then take a masters (tentatively in publishing).”

Best wishes, Eryn!

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