Internship and Job Search Course

November 14th, 2020 § 0

From Dr. Mark Walhout, Chair of English & Cultural Studies:

Thinking about an internship while you’re in school or a job after college? Then you should consider taking GS 3001–Internship and Job Search Strategies: Arts and Humanities, a one-credit course offered in both winter and spring 2021. Here’s the course description:

Tailored to arts and humanities majors but open to all, this class assists students in preparing to find an internship or post-graduation job. Students will identify and learn to articulate their calling, strengths and skills, explore career options, and prepare to market themselves successfully. Students will learn to network, write a powerful résumé and cover letter, create an effective LinkedIn profile, search for a job or internship and prepare for interviews.

The winter section will be online; we’re not sure about spring yet.

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