Internship and Job Search Course

November 14th, 2020 § 0

From Dr. Mark Walhout, Chair of English & Cultural Studies:

Thinking about an internship while you’re in school or a job after college? Then you should consider taking GS 3001–Internship and Job Search Strategies: Arts and Humanities, a one-credit course offered in both winter and spring 2021. Here’s the course description:

Tailored to arts and humanities majors but open to all, this class assists students in preparing to find an internship or post-graduation job. Students will identify and learn to articulate their calling, strengths and skills, explore career options, and prepare to market themselves successfully. Students will learn to network, write a powerful résumé and cover letter, create an effective LinkedIn profile, search for a job or internship and prepare for interviews.

The winter section will be online; we’re not sure about spring yet.

Alumna Lexi Garrity

November 13th, 2020 § 0

Lexi Garrity checked in with the Department recently to inform us that she had bought her first house recently. Congrats to Lexi! Her path has been a steady one since graduation, and this feat, not easy in Seattle, isn’t surprising, given Lexi’s grit and determination.

Lexi teaches fourth- and fifth-grade social studies at Seattle Country Day School. She’s now in her sixth year of teaching. Choosing to focus solely on an English major while an undergraduate, Lexi took the pre-requisites for SPU’s masters in education program at night after graduating, working full-time during the day to support herself. She then took advantage of SPU’s two-year, part-time grad program in teaching so she could continue to work while completing her education.

When she’s not teaching and a pandemic isn’t raging, Lexi is a serious ultimate player. She’s had both a club and professional career in the sport, competing with the Seattle Cascades in the Western Ultimate League. Lexi reports that her favorite book this year has been Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. It’s no surprise that someone like Lexi is drawn to a novel featuring an independent protagonist who finds her own way in the world. Keep going, Lexi!

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