Direction During the Pandemic Detour?

October 29th, 2020 § 0

A message from Professor Emeritus of English, Dr. Doug Thorpe:

For over forty years, I’ve worked to guide learners towards their own answers to these questions:

o What are your skills and talents?
o What do you love to do? What are you passionate about?
o How can you translate your skills and your passion into true
service out in the world?

As a mentor, spiritual director, and life coach, I’ve worked with college students as well as older adults in traditional academic settings and beyond. Having created a vocationally focused university course developed out of these years of work, and published the anthology Work & the Life of the Spirit, I’ve developed ways to explore the practical aspects of vocation while also allowing individuals to reflect more deeply on their own underlying talents and desires. The goal is to find work that feeds the body while also feeding the soul.

This is vocational work, but, more deeply, it is life work—meaning that I’m interested in getting as close to the truth of who you are as possible, and from that place helping you be that person: creative, imaginative, compassionate, joyful, relational.

I invite those with whom I work to explore these same questions—wherever that exploration takes us.

If this sounds at all interesting let me know and we can meet for an initial free session, no strings attached. We will talk, I will ask questions and get to know you, and then you can make up your own mind whether entering upon this journey together will be helpful. Pay what you can afford—we can discuss my sliding scale—and of course you can pause or stop at any time.

Also happy to provide references.

Doug Thorpe, Ph.D.

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