English Professor Emeritus Publishes Collection of New Poems

October 12th, 2020 § 0

Professor Emeritus Tom Trzyna’s New Poems has been released by Wipf and Stock Resources Publications, in Eugene, Oregon. Poet Ralph Skip Stevens, author of At Bunker Cove and Things Haven’t Been the Same, calls it “A delight to read.” Trzyna says, “I wanted to be a poet from seventh grade. Now that I have finished some books on pressing issues, I made time for verse.”

Students may also find nourishment in his Karl Popper and Literary Theory: Critical Rationalism as a Philosophy of Literature. Leiden: Brill, 2017.

Here’s a sample from New Poems:

Poetry Time

Our time expands or shrinks as we create
Or waste our hours in passive idleness.
To pause and wait is not to hesitate:
How fruitful a day of disciplined emptiness.
The sun rises and sets, the lavender blooms,
Bees scour the petals of open flowers
Sampling pollen for their honeycombs.
The breeze brings clouds and welcome showers.
Digressions and guesses play out their games of chess,
Ideas and calculations surge and ebb,
Ineffable mix of blanks and consciousness.
Thoughts and sounds and colors spin a web.
A poem assembles, cinema crystalized
That screens in myriad ways behind our eyes.

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