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March 4th, 2020 § 0

Assistant Professor of English and Writing Jeffrey Overstreet shared this job announcement sent by a friend of his in the film industry, who’s looking for English majors to employ:

Hiring: Film and Television Reviewers

PIQUE is a new platform that helps viewers quickly find movies and TV shows that are worth watching. With our brief written recommendations and unique categories, Pique lets readers skip browsing channel guides and streaming services and get straight to watching something good. Here’s where you come in: We’re looking for savvy college student writers to contribute to our review library! The ideal Pique writer can craft a lean, three-paragraph review with style, accuracy, and meaning. You also will help curate the selection of films and shows. Earn $50 per review.

To apply, please email with your resume, two writing samples, and five movies or shows that you believe everyone should watch.

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