Eryn Tan Takes Internship

October 21st, 2019 § 0

Eryn Tan, sophomore English major, has reported in on her current internship.  “I pursued an internship because I wanted to effectively use my time (and credits) during the quarter and gain experience in the line of nonprofit work and a career in writing,” she reports.  Many English majors find that an internship helps them investigate an area where they may hope to work after graduation.  

“So far, this internship has exposed and refined my skills in various styles of writing, training me in using appropriate diction and suitable measures of emotional language,” continues Eryn.  It often comes as a surprise to students that a “career in writing” can take many forms.

Many students worry about fitting an internship into their classs and work schedule.  Eryn takes this potential problem in stride. “Juggling classes with this internship has also challenged my ability to multitask and manage my time more efficiently.”  But she’s managed it well, reporting weekly to her faculty advisor about her internship activities.

“I believe that this internship will help to clear up some of my confusion about the kind of career I’d like to pursue with my English Literature major and provide me with realistic expectations for my life after graduating.”  Well said, Eryn!

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