English & Cultural Studies Year-End Party

June 4th, 2019 § 0

 Each year, the department invites students into the home of one of its professors to celebrate the end of the academic year. We share food and soft drinks, the faculty give away books, and the winners of the Arksey Prizes are announced. Seniors hold a special place of honor in our celebration. We are always happy for their accomplishment but a bit sad to lose their company, at least as students.

For many faculty and majors, the party represents the calm before the onslaught of final papers, exams, and, for many, the high ceremonies celebrating graduation. A little breather.

This year, our party celebrated the retirement of Dr. Doug Thorpe and bid farewell to Dr. Yelena Bailey, who will be greatly missed.

Congrats to all our students for (nearly) another year of accomplishments. Special congratulations go to our graduating seniors!

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