Sarah Pruis (’19) Accepted into Graduate School

March 1st, 2019 § 0

“I hit my head on the ceiling. Sure, I live in a low-ceilinged basement apartment, but, nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning that my joy was enough to warrant jumping high enough to get a bruise on my head.”

So writes Sarah Pruis (’19), in spreading her good news about being accepted into graduate school. Recently, Sarah learned she had gotten into Northern Arizona University’s MFA program for poetry and MA program in anthropology. Since NAU is known, as Sarah puts it, “for its focus on interdepartmental collaboration,” she might try to combine the two degrees.

“I’m currently discussing with the directors of both programs the feasibility of pursuing them simultaneously, combining research on Hopi rock art with creative writing centered on the landscape,” she writes. “I’m over the moon and ready for some Southwest.”

Congratulations and best wishes, Sarah!

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