New Course – ENG 3384 Empires of Asia: Writing and Resistance

February 25th, 2018 § 0

The English Department is pleased to offer, for the first time this Spring 2018, ENG 3384 Empires of Asia: Writing and Resistance, taught by Professor Kimberly Segall.

This course will focus on the Nobel prize winning authors Kazuo Ishiguro and Gao Xingjian and other famous writers like Murakami. The class question is: after war/violence/empire how do societies remember and heal from the past? How does literature show these patterns of remembrance and forgetting? We will also watch films: anime, film clips of history, and modern Asian films. Also we end with the novel Silence about Christian missionaries in Japan, and then we will see the film version.

It should be interesting and fun!

Madison Pack ’16

February 10th, 2018 § 0

Madison Pack—class of 2016—recently checked in with what she has been up to since earning her English degree from SPU.

Since graduation, I was doing a little of this and that trying to decide where I wanted to commit myself. I found myself in the advertising technology industry, managing campaigns, being a digital account manager, and running and developing creative tags. It was actually at the end of last year where I decided I wasn’t feeling fulfilled where I was and didn’t see a future for myself in this line of work. I missed writing and editing, and while I had originally been pursuing opportunities in this field, I had resorted to taking the job in ad tech for money more than passion. In early December I took a leap of faith and quit. It was a difficult decision, especially because I didn’t have any concrete prospects, but I was hopeful my hard work and drive would force some good outcome. I am happy to report I just completed my first full week at my new job! I am now a marking coordinator for a consulting firm in Seattle. I am learning how to build websites, run social media platforms, organize and orchestrate company-wide events, and I’m even getting to write and edit copy which is dream come true! I am finally feeling happy and dedicated to my work and feel this is a stepping stone in the path of my career goals.

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