Course Offering – Latinx Lit.

November 19th, 2017 § 0

The English Department is proud to offer English 3339 during Winter Quarter 2018, taught by Professor Yelena Bailey.

Utilizing a combination of fiction, autobiography, poetry, film and song, this course introduces students to U.S. Latinx literature. We will read works by a variety of latinx authors from various genders, class backgrounds, political beliefs and historical contexts. As we examine these works, we will focus on how they speak to the larger human experience, as well as how they reflect the specificity of being latinx in America. We will look at the tensions and debates surrounding a number of key themes, including but not limited to: American belonging; citizenship and rights; social categories of race, gender, class and sexuality; labor; political activism; assimilation and multiculturalism.

The course will include works by Jose Marti, Isabel Allende, Junot Diaz, Gloria Anzaldua, and Sandra Cisneros, among others.

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