Dr. Peter Moe Appointed Director of Campus Writing

November 12th, 2015 § 0

Peter Moe is SPU’s new Director of Campus Writing. Dr. Moe will oversee SPU’s new first-year writing curriculum (to be implemented in the fall of 2016), run our Writing Center, and help professors improve how they teach writing in course across the university, particularly those that are writing-intensive, or “W” courses.

Born and raised in Washington State, Dr. Moe has just finished doctoral work at the University of Pittsburgh. “I wanted to return to the Northwest, to its whales, volcanoes, waters, and forests,” he says. “Seattle Pacific University fits the bill geographically,” but its attractions for Dr. Moe go well beyond it being simply a place to work back home. A person keen to read and write on many topics, Dr. Moe chose to work at SPU because, he says, “SPU gives me space to follow these varied research interests.”

“That sounds obvious; it’d be expected that an English professor write and read regularly,” adds Dr. Moe. But running a writing program is a demanding job. So, he insists, “it’s not a matter of having time, but of making time” to read and write, “and it’s also not only a matter of reading fueling writing, but of my reading and writing in tandem nourishing my work in the classroom.”

The English Department is happy to welcome Dr. Moe to SPU.

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