Alumna Lauren Pattie

November 26th, 2014 § 0

Pattie, Lauren

Lauren Pattie has been busy since graduating with an English major several years ago—and not just hanging out on ledges (literally), taking pictures.  Upon graduation, Lauren won a Fulbright Fellowship to southeastern Turkey, where she taught English and traveled extensively.  Arriving back home, she became the marketing & public relations manager at Iocolor, a book printing & manufacturing company that focuses on image-intensive books.  (Iocolor works with notable photographers, museums, and university presses.)  When that firm downsized, Lauren decided to go after her first love and is currently attending Fuller Seminary, pursuing a masters in divinity degree.

Rivaling that first love is Lauren’s significant accomplishments in co-ed ultimate Frisbee.  This is serious stuff:  Her Seattle team recently came in second in nationals, and Lauren—along with fellow SPU English alum Lexi Garrity—was interviewed on ESPN 3 after the victory.

Topping off this list of post-grad accomplishments is Lauren’s continued singing in local choirs and ensembles, a talent she groomed at Seattle Pacific.

Says Lauren about here time at SPU:  “I’m very glad I decided to go with the English major. Not only did that mean I had awesome professors all the time, but it is a very flexible degree. Once you know how to communicate effectively, you can go a whole ton of places. I think the English major will set me up well for seminary because I know how to write and analyze texts–which is a lot of what we’ll be doing.”



English Major Named Academic All-District Athlete

November 20th, 2014 § 0

English major Madi Cavell has just been named an Academic All-District Athlete for the All-West Region of the NCAA.  She is one of just six volleyball players from the entire West–from the Rockies to Hawaii–and the only representative of the Great Northwest Conference to achieve this distinction.  Congratulations, Madi! 

Rome 2015 Study Travel Meeting

November 18th, 2014 § 0

Rome Info Session

Ciao, Studenti!!!

Dr. Kresser and I will be hosting our first, Rome 2015 Info Session  THIS THURSDAY, Nov. 20, at 4:30-5:00  in the SPU Art Center, room 5.  (FYI, the Art Center is located on Cremona St., just behind the Shell station, on the way to Byen Bakery).    We’ll be providing general information about the program, including costs, accommodations, activities, and application deadlines and procedures.  Don’t miss it!  (But if you must miss it, let me know and we’ll try to fill you in later!

 A presto!

 Dr. Maier

Liberal Arts Employer Panel

November 17th, 2014 § 0

Doc2The Center for Career and Calling is hosting a Liberal Arts Employer Panel on Wednesday, Nov. 19th from 6:30-8pm in DH 150.  Learn from the career stories of professionals whose undergraduate majors include History, Communication, English, Philosophy, Political Science, Economics and Psychology. 

 All students, alumni, faculty and staff are invited!



Performance: “A Room in the Trees”

November 17th, 2014 § 0





NOVEMBER 22, 2014 8:00 P.M.

For Information:

Part documentary and part poetry, this is an attempt to evoke something of this place we call Seattle: the people, the land and the water. I follow the thesis of the writer Coll Thrush in his Native Seattle, who speaks of the city as a “crossing-over place:”

The entire city is a palimpsest, a text erased only partially and then written over again. It is a landscape of places changed by power, of Indian places transformed into urban ones and sometimes back again. 


Voices 1 & 3: Mary Goldman & Ruth McRee

Voices 2 & 4:   Doug Thorpe & Paul Tomes

Voice 5 (voice of history): Rachel Holley

Music: Marcus Oldham

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